Tree-Walking for Peeps



Eclipse Plugins

Nuthatch/J is packaged as a set of Eclipse plugins, for convenient inclusion in other Eclipse plugins.
  • Software can be installed from the update site.
  • The following components are available: Nuthatch/J (basic Nuthatch library), Nuthatch/J+Stratego (includes Stratego and JSGLR interface), Nuthatch/J+Rascal (includes PDB Values and Rascal parser interface).
  • Additionally, a packaged version of the Stratego Interpreter is available, this can be used to run the Nuthatch benchmarks.

User Documentation

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Walk Your Tree Any Way You Want

Anya Helene Bagge and Ralf Lämmel

Abstract. We describe a new approach to software transformation, which is inspired by strategic and adaptive programming, though without starting from the same kind of separation between traversal specification and actions to be applied along traversal. Instead, transformations are described as walks that proceed in programmer-defined steps which may observe join points of a traversal, may affect state associated with the walk, may rewrite the walked tree, and must walk somewhere. The approach blends well with OO programming. We have implemented the approach in the Nuthatch/J library for Java.

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